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Anxious To Awesome™

Everyone experiences feelings of stress and worry at times.  When it begins to get in the way of your daily routine and compromises quality of life, it’s time to take action.  Missing school because of worry-induced tummy aches and head aches, not joining in social activities due to anxious feelings and dealing with sleepless nights is no way to live!

If this is true for you and/or your child, you are not alone.  Worry and stress are among the biggest concerns for kids today.  Learn to root out the cause of anxious feelings with fun, easy-to-use tools ~ and keep those worries away.

  • Learn to relax your mind and remain in control through breath, meditation and movement ~ from quick and basic techniques that can be used in a stolen moment to more in depth practices to support you for life.
  • Learn how these techniques can help children become empowered by learning to care for their own mental, emotional and spiritual well being.
  • Learn how to connect through play.

In Minneapolis

A limited number of individual in-home sessions are available over the summer months.  Times are flexible to fit your summer schedule.


Anywhere in the world

An Individualized Online Program For Parents with Children ages 6 to 16

What you will get:

Session #1:  Assessment.  You and I will connect by phone or Skype. DSC_0402 You will be guided to get clear on what is most important to you and your child, what is in the way of this and how to remove it.  This is a deep listening session.  I will then follow up this initial conversation with a detailed and personalized plan.  Everyone is different.  Your plan will be tailored to suit your unique lifestyle, preferences, needs, interests and schedule.  The main goal is to make this plan fun and engaging.

Sessions #2:  Plan of Action.  I’ll present your customized plan and workshop ways to weave it into your life. You are busy.  You don’t need an overwhelming overhaul project in your life.  Small changes made consistently over time lead to profound transformation.  The heart of this program is learning to use “5-minute tune-ups” as needed throughout the day to help yourself and your child shift from anxious to awesome. My mission is to make this easy and doable for you.  Your child will learn to detect anxious feelings and will be empowered to do these tune-ups as needed.  Kids love being able to take care of themselves in this way.

Session #3:  Deep Dive.  This is where we take it a step further to refine and clarify what is working and how to keep it going.  The mantra here is “Let it Be Easy.”  Good thing is, easy is also often most effective and enduring.  I’ll work with you side-by-side as you make small, effective changes that will lead you down the path of your dreams.  Re-establish balance and harmony in your life. Learn simple, effective strategies for moving from anxious to awesome!

What’s it like to work with me?

DSC_0401Fun!  My main mantra is “Let it Be Easy.”  I’ve got the resources you need to regain a sense of balance and it is my passion to empower moms and kids in living life feeling confident, connected and calm.

You deserve an expert at your side and as a Registered Yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance at the 500-hour level (E-RYT, RCYT) and a professional Integrative Yoga Therapist (1,000-hour level certificate) I can guide you skillfully to your desired outcome.  I have been practicing yoga since I was in junior high school and have been teaching yoga to children and families since 1999, training others to teach yoga since 2002.

I’m ready to move from anxious to awesome and want to work with you!

Your investment in well being:  $395

This includes three 45-minute to 1 hours sessions, development of a personalized plan and follow-up.

This article, on the incredible learning potential of the adolescent brain, highlights the importance of supporting teens in feeling less anxious.