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Many of us who use therapeutic grade essential oils, have daily or twice daily protocols in which we apply several different oils.  For example, my evening protocol often consists of rubbing valor on my feet, progessence plus on my wrists, cedarwood on the top of my head and geranium and patchouli as an anti-wrinkle serum for my face.

I put a few drops into my hand, apply it to my body, put a few drops of another oil into the same hand and so on, putting several different oils onto the palm of my hand.  Is this okay?

There are rules about blending essential oils and it is not recommended to mix any of the many wonderful oil blends such as abundance, white angelica, believe, etc.  There is an art to blending the single oils as well and fortunately this has already been done for us in the form of so many oil blend offerings.

What we can do is layer.  It takes just a few seconds for an oil to absorb into the skin.  Go ahead and put a second oil on to the skin after appling the first.  You are layering instead of blending and we can leave blending to the experts at the Young Living Oil labs.