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Are you looking for natural solutions for your family’s ailments, first aid and emotional needs? Lead a life of wellness using the most tested and trusted essential oils.  100% pure therapeutic-grade essential oils to help you live a healthier lifestyle.
Learn introductory information about essential oils, their most common and impactful uses for your well being and how they can positively impact your quality of life.

If you would like to set up a talk for your group, have an individual consult or if you have any questions about essential oil use, please contact me now, using the form below.  I have worked with essential oils for many years, for my personal wellbeing and in my work as a Yoga Therapist. I am honored to represent the doTERRA line of oils.  They are the most pure and potent essential oils available in the world today.  Feel free to visit this site for more information.

The vibrant plant kingdom is waiting to dance with every single cell in your body…or just take the edge off, improve sleep, digestion, energy, mood, etc.

Disclaimer:   This information is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any illness or disease.  It is strictly for informational and educational purposes…for your own personal pleasure.  These products have not been evaluated by the FDA.  Please seek the advice of your preferred, qualified health care provider.  You will be empowered to make your own decision about your personal needs.

Whenever you use a natural product, only your body knows what it needs.  You can try one thing and if you don’t get the results you want, try something else.  Sometimes you mix and match to determine what works best.  Your body will tell you.  As a Yoga Life Stylist, I will educate you about your choices and teach you to tune into your body’s own wisdom.  You choose what you need and want to live your fullest life, free of pain, full of energy, emotionally balanced and at ease.

“Every grandmother knows how to give peppermint tea for a tummy ache.” ~ K.P. Khalsa

Learn the energy of plants and how it serves your family.

Free Classes ~ Individual Consults ~ Inspiring Gatherings

Some upcoming classes and events…contact me for an individual consult.

Natural Solutions for Wellbeing – Nov. 13, Dec. 4, Dec. 18 – 5:30pm at Ananda Natural Medicine 5013 1/2 France Ave. S.

Pure, potent doTERRA essential oils can support your wellbeing on all levels— physical, mental/emotional and spiritual.

Discover their most common and impactful uses and learn which oils to get started with to experience support for your personal health goals. Sample a variety of blends and single oils, learn basic guidelines for safe and effective use, ask questions and take home a sample for yourself.

Essential oils are often safer, faster acting, more effective and less expensive than other options out there.

*Interested in learning more but can’t make it to this class? Send me a message and we can schedule a personal wellness consult.

Immune Support, Naturally – Oct. 30 -5:30pm at Ananda Natural Medicine 5013 1/2 France Ave. S.

Seasonal threats are no match for pure, potent plant compounds found in doTERRA essential oils. Learn how to stay healthy all season long with natural solutions that are faster acting, safer, more effective and less harmful than other solutions out there. *Get a free sample of On Guard immune support blend.

Mood & Sleep Solutions, Naturally – November 6 – 5:30pm at Ananda Natural Medicine 5013 1/2 France Ave. S. 

The seat of emotions in the brain (the limbic system) and the seat of smell (the olfactory system) are closely interrelated. The use of pure, potent doTERRA essential oils can quickly shift an emotional state. Discover which oils can support feeling positive, uplifted, safe, grounded, relaxed and more! Plus, learn the various ways to use essential oils as part of your daily self-care rituals AND get a good night’s sleep.

Natural Skin Care – November 20 – 5:30pm at Ananda Natural Medicine 5013 1/2 France Ave. S.

The average American woman puts hundreds of synthetic chemicals on her body every day, 60% of which is absorbed into the body. Learn safer and more effective alternatives for long-term health and a healthy glow with doTERRA essential oils and skin care products.

Remedy Bar – November 27 – 5:30pm at Ananda Natural Medicine 5013 1/2 France Ave. S.

Have a custom “cocktail” of essential oils blended for you based on your needs and interests. Maybe your custom blend will address a system of the body – such as digestive or musculoskeletal. Or, you may want a blend for emotions, mood or better sleep.

Choose from a menu of blend recipes like Laser Focus, Sweet Dreams, Worries Away or Clear The Clutter.

Experienced oil educators are on hand to help you with your blends and show you safe and effective use of essential oils. Resource materials will be available to discover oil qualities. You can become your own mixologist then create and name your own blend. It may become the next house favorite.

10ml Rollerballs are $10 each. Bring cash!

This is open house style. Come by anytime in this 2-hour “Bar Open” time.

Welcome to bring a friend and create gifts for friends and family while your’e here. Please RSVP so we have the right amount of supplies on hand. Here’s to your health!

Soothing Aches & Discomfort, Naturally – December 11 – 5:30pm at Ananda Natural Medicine 5013 1/2 France Ave. S.

It’s estimated that 80% of Americans will experience low back pain at some point in their life. Whatever your age or level of fitness you can use natural solutions for less aches and more mobility. Learn to address aches and stiffness in joints as well.

Cleanse & Restore – January 8 – 5:30pm at Ananda Natural Medicine 5013 1/2 France Ave. S.

Hit the reset button and increase your body systems functioning at all levels. Learn how to lift the fog and regain energy while reducing your toxic load.

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