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Geranium is an essential oil that is getting a lot of use in my home these days.  I originally got it when I read that it keeps skin healthy and supple.  I’ve been applying a few drops to my face at night layered with a few drops of patchouli to combat aging and wrinkles.  It’s my skin serum of choice.  It can also help reduce bleeding and scaring.

Recently, while browsing through my  Reference Guide for Essential Oils, I came across a section on the chakras.  It suggests Harmony to balance all of the chakras and several specific oils for each individual chakra.  Oils for the throat chakra include chamomile, sandalwood, frankincense…and geranium.

Geranium is also listed as an oil to use to cleanse and detoxify the liver.  So now I rub a bit under my right ribs along with a few drops on the throat and face.

Overall, geranium affects emotional balance and skin.  At first, it struck me as a little too strong but as my system becomes more balanced with it, it has a sweet impact on my psyche.