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Most imbalances children face today are either triggered or exacerbated by stress. Yoga reduces stress, oftentimes strangling the root of the “disease.” Yoga also expertly addresses mental and emotional imbalances – anxiety, depression, oppositional behavior, sensory processing issues and problems with focusing. Yoga helps regulate the nervous system – the home base of these issues. It also addresses the mind which includes attitudes and perspective that effect health at every level.

There is mounting evidence that the medications used to treat these “soft” conditions of the mind and emotions are not only ineffective in the long run, but are also dangerous and impede proper development.  Read more.  Lifestyle enhancements and personal discipline, inherent in the practice of yoga, can make a huge difference.

Regardless of where an individual falls on the specturm of health or disease, Yoga is a life affirming practice that promotes wellness on all levels, while addressing the whole person and revealing the natural state of true health that is everyone’s birthright.

In this 50 hour summer intensive¨you will learn –

Specific assessment tools
Criteria for the diagnosis of health conditions children commonly face
How to research conditions
How to create individualized wellness plans
The components of an optimal healing environment – internal and external
Lifestyle – diet, sleep, routine
Sensory integration techniques
5 kosha model
Anatomy related to commond conditions – both physical and energetic systems
Deep listening skills/compassionate communication
Meditation, Mantras and Mudras
Yoga nidra

You will learn how to facilitate one-on-one, family and small group sessions for children with specific health needs.  You will also have the chance to practice these skills in small group sessions during this training. All in a beautiful retreat center in rural Illinois.


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