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28593 North Bradley Road
Lake Forest

United States

Join us for this interactive and engaging workshop on how to utilize yoga to help your students thrive in the upcoming school year. This workshop provides educators at all levels with a knowledge base of the benefits of practices from the yoga tradition that help children relax, attend and focus. The practices of yoga, including movement, mindfulness and relaxation, help children develop self-mastery. Schools nationwide are offering yoga to their students and are reporting less discipline problems and more calm in the classroom. Our instructor Mira Binzen provides not only the practice but the research and rationale behind the practice.

Mira’s workshops are geared to educators at all levels and in all settings, general education, special education and special subjects such as physical education and the arts. Stress can inhibit learning. Studies have shown that the chemicals released in the body during times of stress alter the hippocampus, the area of the brain responsible for memory and learning. Relaxation and focus are like two wings of the same bird. One supports the other, and both are needed to soar. When children learn to relax, their minds work better. When children learn how to focus their minds, their potential is unlimited.

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