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Feeling hopeless or pessimistic? This hand gesture may help.

The Sanskrit name for this Yoga hand gesture, or mudra, is Vajrapradama.  It means “unshakable trust and confidence.”  It can support you in feeling greater vitality when lacking enthusiasm.

Sit tall, yet relaxed. Hold your hands up, palms facing the chest. Loosely interlace the fingers, with the left pinky on the bottom of the stack.  Touch pointer fingers together and stretch the thumbs straight up (as shown in this image).  The fingers are angled slightly upwards so there is space in between them.   Hold this gesture at the height of the heart with shoulders relaxed and eyes closed (if that is comfortable for you) for 1 to 10 minutes.  No need to shape the breath, but do notice how it moves in you, as well as any other sensations in the body.

Holding your hands in this position for several minutes can reawaken thestacks_image_774_1 joy of living.