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New Moon Special

To celebrate the new moon in Libra, Oct. 12th at 7pm CST, I’m offering a special on Yoga Life Style Wellbeing Consultations –  3 sessions for the price of 2!

Libra is the energy of balance and attuning to more subtle aspects of your life. It’s a time of integration. Our 3 sessions together will help you gather your experiences over these last few tumultuous months and use them to bring forth more joy and ease in your life now.

  • Deepen connection to others
  • Reveal and remove old patterns that no longer serve
  • Tune-up, revise or begin your daily rituals
  • Take “it” – whatever that is for you – to the next level

I will help you set and keep an intention to carry you through these next 90 days with grace and ease.

PLUS, as an added bonus, you will have front row seating in my daily heart temple meditation, every day for 30 days. It is in this subjective work where the real magic happens.

*These 1 hour sessions are held via Skype or Google Hangouts and are valid through Dec. 20, 2015.  Once you have registered, we will book the three sessions to suit your schedule.

Hurry!  There are just 6 spots available for this special, so that I can give you the customized attention you deserve.3 sessions, regularly $285, now just $190 – save $95!

*Update: there are now just 3 spots left.  Plus, I’ve added an option for kids yoga therapy sessions.  3 sessions are regularly $225.  With this special, they are just $165. 4 spots available.

Child or Adult Package?

I’ve just completed a deep cleanse/spiritual retreat and renewal over these last few weeks.  I’ve never felt more connected, clear and strong.  Let me share this Shakti with you!