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Your Pain Stops Here

Sunday, October 12th at Saffron Yoga.

Millions of Americans suffer needlessly from pain and stress! One in four U.S. adults say they suffered a day-long bout of pain in the past month, and 1 in 10 say the pain lasted a year or more, according to the government’s annual, comprehensive report of Americans’ health, released by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention’s National Center for Health Statistics.  The good news is…your pain stops here!

2-4pm Essential Oils for Chronic Pain.

This is a FREE workshop.  Therapeutic-grade essential oils have been scientifically studied for their powerful effect on long-term pain.  The reason essential oils are such a good solution for physical pain is because they–unlike modern drugs that only cover up the pain for a period of time–essential oils contain very tiny molecules that penetrate to the deepest levels of the skin and begin a long-term healing process at the cellular level. And because plants are so compatible with the human body, they never harm the healthy tissue of the body like chemicals and drugs do. The big bonus…they smell great!

4-6pm  Yoga Nidra for Chronic Pain.

“Pain is inevitable. Unfortunately, many of us will, at some point during our lifetime, experience significant physical and/or psychological pain. And when pain does arrive, our built-in conditioned response will be to move away from the source of the pain. But what happens if we cannot escape pain? Must our life be filled with abject suffering?

iRest, with reference to pain, is a multi-step protocol that entails welcoming pain while relinquishing resistance to it. Paradoxically, suffering ceases, and pain breaks up, and may even completely dissolve, when we stop resisting and trying to avoid or change it, but instead truly welcome pain.”

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Sliding Fee Scale:  $25 – $50

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