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ReConnected Kids

Do you BELIEVE in a world where children experience connection and THRIVE in  all areas of life?

      Ready to move from power struggles to EMPOWERMENT for both you and the children in your life?

Do you know a child who –

  • has trouble focusing at school?
  • has frequent stomach aches?
  • is nervous or anxious?
  • has difficulty making friends?
  • can’t easily get to or stay asleep at night?
  • has fears that keep them from attending school or social events?

Many of us do. Kids today are facing challenges in all areas of life – from learning and friendships, to moods, to digestion and sleep. There are many different ways to try to help these children – everything from diet to specific therapies to medication. But did you know that Yoga practices may also help?

Whether you are a parent, school teacher, yoga teacher or other professional working with children, if you want to help the children in your life thrive, this course will show you how.

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