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On this page I’ve curated some of my favorite resources for living a yoga lifestyle.

Ready to get clean the yoga way?  Check out my simple kitchari cleanse.

30 Days Sugar Free.  I dare you!  Sugar is poison, and it’s more addictive than cocaine.  You need help to kick the habit and my friend, Barry Friedman, has a fantastic program to help you.  He will answer your questions and you can read what others have to say about going 30 Days Sugar Free.

Looking for some celestial support? Then, Kari Samuel’s Abundance Angels 28 Day Program is for you.  I love Kari’s work and look forward to her forecasts each and every month.  Here is how she describes this Calling In Your Abundance Angels program: “Angels embody the energy of pure love. Their energy is so powerful that they raise your energy vibration with their light. Their heaven-sent assignment is to see the beauty of your divine perfection, and raise your energy to a higher frequency. So, instead of being weighed down by the negativity of the world, you are lifted up to embody your most divine self. Check it out!  Kari Samuel’s Abundance Angels 28 Day Program.

Feel good and feel good with these shoes:

*Please note, some of these are affiliate links in which I do receive perks for referring. AND, I’ve only listed products and services I truly believe in and use myself.