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About Mira

The Tools I Use:

Yoga Therapy – Conscious breathing, mindful moving and deep relaxing are all included in this, my favorite tool for transformation. But wait, there’s more! Yoga is the science of life. It includes how we eat, sleep, interact with others and think about the world. Bringing more awareness to all that we do and all that we experience places us in the driver’s seat of our life.

Street Cred: Registered Yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance at the 500-hour level (E-RYT, RCYT) and a professional Integrative Yoga Therapist (1,000-hour level certificate).  Teaching yoga to children and families since 1999, training others to teach yoga since 2002.

iRest Yoga Nidra – Sometimes called “Divine Sleep.” Sounds good, right? Silk eye pillow, downy comforter kind of good feeling sleep…when you are totally awake. This is one component of the yoga practice but it is a very special, magical, wonderful part of it. “iRest” is short for “Integrative Restoration.” It is an evidence based practice.

Street Cred: Certified iRest Yoga Nidra teacher.

Child Psychology – Time to get serious…Five years of serious research at the esteemed Institute of Child Development. Rather than taking tests during my studies, I was handing in research results. Good stuff.   The way I like to describe it is that I am a child development therapist using yoga as my main tool. East meets West. Everyone feels better.

Street Cred: B.S. in Child Psychology from The University of Minnesota’s Institute of Child Development, with specialized study in Communication Disorders.

Super Powers – Ehem, this is a secret…and I’m not talking about my super powers, I’m talking about YOUR super powers. We all have them. My super power is to be a mirror for you to see and learn to use your own super powers. Here’s the secret part…they are already yours – inside you, already…really.   We just need to dust them off and shine them up.   It’s like Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man trying out that new jet pack suit. Onlymagic carpet art circle I’ll be there to hold you steady.

Street Cred: We all have ‘em and I know how to evoke them.

Science of Deliberate Creation/Art of Allowing – Also a bit “woo woo” seeming, but the most cutting edge science today confirms that we create our world with every thought with our emotions as our guidance system. It’s cool because we can actually rewire our brain. Pretty exciting, and also a bit overwhelming. Don’t worry. I’ll make it easy and actionable for you in your life.

Street Cred: Years of committed personal study of this science as well as neurobiology.

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