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What is a yoga lifestyle?  Living a life of quality, meaning and purpose.  Whatever you want to be, do or have, you can do it better with yoga.  Yoga helps you be more aware and more connected.  From this vantage point, you make choices that support your true self.

How much time you spend and what amount of effort you make on your way to the life you want is up to you.  With an expert at your side, you can shorten the distance between what you want and what you have.

Traditional wisdome can help you in ANY (and ultimately EVERY) area of your life.  Whether you want more energy, flexibility, balance or strength. Whether you want better digestion, sleep or clarity for yourself or your child, yoga and essential oils help you feel vibrant, connected and at ease. 

If you have the feeling that there is more to life, that we are far grander than we have been led to believe, then a Wellness Consult is for you.

Facing a challenge can be an incredible opportunity to redefine and clarify your family’s life purpose, leading you down a path that can be much more satisfying and fulfilling than the one you had been on before the challenge surfaced.

The science of the mind has been little understood in the West until very recently.  The science of Yoga is thousands of years old and gives us all the tools we need to feel vibrant, connected and at ease.

20-Minute Tune Up

Book a session for a simple and effective reset. Feel less anxious and more awesome. 

Book an Individual Anxious to Awesome™ Package

Your investment in well being:  $495

This includes three 45-minute to 1 hours sessions, development of a personalized plan and follow-up. This is for an individual or an individual family. (In person available only in the Southwest Metro area of Minneapolis, MN. All other sessions are by phone and Zoom)

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Learn More About Essential Oils

Are you looking for natural solutions for your family’s ailments, first aid and emotional needs? Lead a life of wellness using the most tested and trusted essential oils. 
Book a free 30-minute constult to learn introductory information about essential oils, their most common and impactful uses for your well being and how they can positively impact your quality of life.

I Believe:


Unstructured free play is sacred


Awareness is the key to happiness


You can learn (at any age) to BE with bigger feelings


A yoga lifestyle = permanent lifestyle upgrade


Life is supposed to be fun

Let’s Do This!

Not Sure Where To Start?

Schedule a free 30-minute Wellness Consult to explore the possibilities!