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Teens have to deal with a lot in life and having a face full of pimples doesn’t help.  Here are a few tips to banish those blemishes.

Hot wash cloth.  Dab a wash cloth soaked in hot water onto the area at the very first sign of one of those buggers coming into being.

Lemon Oil.  Simple, but effective.  Denny Hagel of Awakened Parenting shares her daughter’s story.

Orange Blossom facial wash. There are a lot of products out there, but I trust the reports I’ve gotten from dozens of moms who’s teens have found relief from acne using this one. The essential oils included in this are lavender, patchouli, lemon and rosemary verbenon.

Ordering these products is simple.  I always and only recommend Young Living Therapeutic grade essential oils.

Chill out!  Easier said than done on most days, but get in the habit of taking 3-5 minutes as often as needed throughout the day to count your breath.  Breathe in to a count of 5 and breath out to a count of 5 for a few rounds.  Then, breathe in for 5 seconds and out for 8 or 10 seconds.  If that is hard to do, then breathe in 4 and out 6 and work up to it.  Stress exacerbates acne.  Learning to unplug for a few moments and hit the reset button will help to not only keep your face clear but also your whole body and mind.