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Spring Revive for HSPs


Gain confidence and calm through increased awareness of and connection to all 5 dimensions of your whole self.

Experience more fulfilling relationships, professional work, creative expression and joy in life.

Saturdays 10-11:30am. March 25 – April 22.

Cadence Chiropractic. 6409 City West Pkwy, Unit 105. Eden Prairie, MN


Comfort & Care

As an HSP, your sensitivities are a superpower, though it may not feel like it. Your capacity to deeply process your own and others’ emotions, the world around you and big ideas can leave you feeling overwhelmed and burned out. Or, you may find yourself living in a protective box to avoid overwhelm altogether.

You’re not alone. Join a collective of HSPs for an empowering series of workshops designed to tone and strengthen your nervous system and give you practical tools you can use before, during and after overwhelming events – whether that’s a day at work, an unexpected project with a tight deadline or a sold-out concert with your favorite band.

Each week begins with body sensing and gentle yoga. Then, you’ll be guided into a deep state of rest with a practice known as yoga nidra.

Then, enjoy a cup of tea as we delve into the week’s topic with your favorite journal in hand. The 5-week program is structured around the 5 elements of nature. We’ll focus on one each week – earth, water, fire, air and space. Living in tune with the elements of nature and your own nature leads to confidence, connection and calm.

The purpose of this Spring Revive is to help highly sensitive women:

  • Soothe and nourish your nervous system with tools from yoga therapy and ayurveda.


  • Develop a tool kit for yourself to better regulate mind, mood and energy before, during and after overwhelming events/activities.


  • Rest deeply – a key need for HSPs.


  • Have greater self-understanding and self-acceptance through better understanding of the HSP trait.


  • Reframe challenges and regrets from the past in the light of this new understanding with simple journal prompts and discussion. There will be many insights and “aha”s in the group.


  • Enjoy the company of and connection with other HSPs. Share stories, laughs and probably tears too (hey, we are highly sensitive after all).

Bonus #1 – Personalized Spring Cleanse

This can be as basic as a closet de-clutter or as simple as drinking warm water with lemon each morning. Or, I can support you with anything from a multi-day mono diet to a full Ayurvedic spring cleanse (panchakarma). This bonus includes a 1:1 session to assess your goals and intentions and then ongoing support during this 5-week time period to complete your customized cleanse. You’ll feel renewed, refreshed and ready to blossom.

Bonus #2 – Discover Your Dosha

Ayurveda is India’s nature-based health system. Each person has a unique constitution, or “dosha”, that is some combination of the 5 elements of nature. Earth. Water. Fire. Air. Space. When you know your dosha, you can live in tune with nature and with your own unique nature. This ties in beautifully with the content of this 5-week Spring Revive. Once you complete an assessment, you’ll get specialized suggestions for food and lifestyle through the spring season and into summer.

Reserve Your Spot:

This series is regularly $347. Register now with this special introductory price of just $197.

Space is limited. Register through Venmo by sending $197 to Mira Binzen with the note “Spring Revive.” Or, register through the Paypal button below.


Chanhassen, MN

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