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Down With Stress! Up With Mood!

Sunday, December 7 at Saffron Yoga

According to the World Health Organization, America is the most anxious nation in the world, with 31% of the country dealing with symptoms of anxiety. While healthy levels of stress are good and can be motivating, unhealthy levels lead to decreased productivity and an increase in chronic health problems.

2 – 4pm Essential Oils to reduce stress and improve mood

In this FREE workshop, learn about and experience how essential oils can reduce stress and worry while improving mood and an overall state of well being.

4-6pm iRest Yoga Nidra to reduce stress and improve mood

Many imbalances faced today are either triggered or exacerbated by stress. Yoga nidra reduces stress, oftentimes strangling the root of the “disease.” Yoga also expertly addresses mental and emotional imbalances – anxiety, depression, sensory processing issues and challenges with attention and focus. Yoga helps regulate the nervous system – the home base of these conditions. It also addresses the mind, which includes attitudes and perspective that effect health at every level.

Sliding Fee Scale:  $25 – $50

Please preregister for workshops by emailing