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Your chances of living to 100 have never been greater. How are you going to spend the second half of your life?

The second half century of life can be a time of grace middle aged stretching outdoorsand ease. Yoga can help by supporting all systems of the body function optimally, and can facilitate balance in body, mind and spirit.  This gentle program focuses on the more subtle and profound aspects of yoga including coordinating movement with breath, meditation, mudra, mantra and deep, guided relaxation (iRest yoga nidra).

Individual sessions available anywhere in the world.

As a women approaching and passing the mid-century mark, you’ve made it in the material world but still find a yearning – a deeper calling.

Or, you are going through a major life transition – menopause, children leaving home, end of a long-term relationship and/or career.

Gems from the Yoga tradition support your process and help you find richer meaning and purpose so you can be who you came here to be.

The typical group exercise type of yoga class may  not be a good fit for you due to age, ability or interest.  If this is true for you, schedule a wellbeing session today to uncover your bliss and blossom in the second half century of life.

Weekly small group sessions at Ananda Natural Medicine.

This is an exploration open to all.

Each class follows a similar structure:

Initial rest to settle in

Intention and topic

Body postures and stretches

Subtle practices of breath work, mudra and mantra

Deep rest

Wednesdays 6:30pm – 7:30pm  

Ananda Natural Medicine
5013 1/2 France Ave So.
Edina, MN, 55410

Plenty of free parking. Allow time to find your spot.

Upcoming topics and session dates:

July 10-17 Healthy Habits

Cultivate simple routines to shift the trajectory of your life towards more wellbeing. Stretch and strengthen the body, clear and mind and de-clutter habits that no longer support you.

August 21 – September 4 Cool and Steady

Counter the hot, muggy weather with cool and quiet practices while preparing the body and mind for deep health through the transition of seasons.

September 18 – Healthy Hormones

October 2 – November 6 – The Goddess

November 13 – December 18 – Solar Power

Women in Yoga Class, relaxation exercise


This article by Dr. Loren Fishman promotes yoga for bone health.  12 Minutes of Yoga For Stronger Bones.



Celebrate being alive.

Be who you came here to be.

Open. Shed. Expand. Allow. Unfold. Relax.

Inhabit your form, whatever shape it is in, with grace and ease.