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One of the most profoundly beneficial relaxation methods is called iRest Yoga Nidra.  While I was leading a workshop on sharing yoga nidra with children in The Bahamas last week, many participants of the course were amazed at how deep they went into relaxation.  For many, it was their first time practicing yoga nidra.
How does it work?  Basically, the many scattered rays of the mind are collected and led throughout the body, then riding the breath, then exploring opposite sensations such as heavy and light, hot and cold.  The ever busy, multifocused mind settles and true nature blossoms spontaneously.  Our true nature is joy.  It is what we are left with when all the other static that prevents us from experiencing it is removed. You can achieve this state by lying on the floor for 45 minutes being guided through this research-based protocol.  I’m happy to announce that I’ve added a second class to my weekly teaching schedule.

You now have two choices for weekly yoga nidra in Milwaukee.  In addition to the noon class on Tuesdays at Saffron Yoga, a new iRest Yoga Nidra class is scheduled for Mondays 7-8pm at Ashtanga Circle.  3805 N. Oakland Ave. in Shorewood.