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Yoga Games For Children -Birthday Special!

Today is my birthday, and I LOVE to play games, AND I love YOGA. Nothing would bring me more pleasure than to know you are all out there having fun, playing games and connecting.

So on my birthday, my gift to you is our online Games course.

The greatest gift I could ever receive would be a world full of children who are vibrant, connected and at ease.  Yoga Games for Children is a great way to do this!

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Yoga games are an excellent way to help children develop self-awareness, self-regulation and self-mastery. They promote valuable social skills and give kids tools for life while deepening their understanding of the life-affirming practice of yoga.  Best of all they’re FUN and keep kids coming back for more.

Two of the biggest challenges for yoga teachers are keeping potentially distracted kids engaged and coming up with ideas for class. This online Games Workshop takes care of both!

You’ll get:

  • Tips for how to set the scene for a positive experience.
  • Which games are most appropriate for different age students.
  • How to establish rules while keeping it positive and cooperative.
  • Where to place games in a full children’s yoga class structure (we dare you to try these in your adult yoga classes too! And of course, they are ideal for family yoga classes).
  • Different categories of games including: welcoming games, active games, expressive games, quiet games and card games.
  • Plus, more helpful resources

All included in:

  • A 15 minute video explaining the how and why of yoga games for children.
  • Six videos demonstrating the most popular kids games.
  • A .pdf workshop manual that explains in detail more than 26 of the most requested games PLUS dozens of variations that will keep the kids engaged for years. This manual also includes the benefits of yoga games as well as where, when and how to use them and for which age students.